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About Me and my Work

Services and Ideas of a broad spectrum. Life is a building block as I have been told though I guess I took it literally. Ever since I can remember I have not been able to leave well enough alone. Everything can be upgraded in someway or another. If you have had that upgrade or dream of adding the special idea but don't know how to get it done, run it by me! Lets see what we can come up with. Browse my past dreams below and see what you think....

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Magical lights

Outdoor Lighting:

Halloween and Christmas no longer are the only times for dazzling light shows. With the invention of spectacular outdoor LED lighting you too can light your property year round with amazing color. You think this shot is intense now, should have seen it when it snowed creating a magical winter wonderland Santa would be proud of. 

Porch addition 1.JPG

Construction Services Before

Looking to finally get that renovation completed. Search out the full list of services I can offer. My years of training are available to fulfill your needs.

Porch addition 9.JPG

Construction Services After

From start to finish bring your ideas to life. The above photo was a 12'x12' deck turned into a screened in porch with a 12'x12' closet and balcony which was not only functional but offered up a relaxing view from high up of the setting sun. 

Sheetrock repair.jpg
Sheetrock repair.

Have a mess and need it organized. Give me a call From house hold to businesses IT work is just another form of construction. Things like medicine cabinet installation, towel bars, pictures, back splashes, painting, or what ever honey due list you have but no time to do I can do it for you. 

Medicine Cabinet Install.jpg
Patio fire pit 1.jpg

What needs repair?

Fixing things has always been part of who and what I am. From plumbing, electrical, decorative, additions, cosmetic, to innovative ideas, I get it done. Also those icky projects no one wants to do like cleanup.

Server rack cleanup 2.jpg

IT Services

My career of 28 years has centered around construction, CAD design, and with an IT background being an IT manager for a multi-million company for almost 10 years. I offer IT services to help your family or your business get up and running with the latest in todays technology. From small networks, WiFi access points, PC configurations and software installation & setup, Security camera installations, cable/router configurations or just help in programing your DVR. I'm a phone call away.


JDShowcase Services are here for you

Please see services and ideas page for a larger list of what I can offer you or your associates serving the Scottsdale Arizona and surrounding areas. 

Your dreams and goals become mine

I will always strive to do the best job possible in a reasonable amount of time to your satisfaction. Stick to the price quoted but will work with you on change orders should they arise. 

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